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The LDC offers its members a number of subsidised services, for more information, please click the “learn more” button associated with the service that you are interested in below.

Nottinghamshire LDC

The LDC is a statutory body which democratically elected to represent the views of Nottinghamshire Dentists. We are funded by a compulsory levy system which is paid by the majority of NHS dentists in the region.

About us

A Message from our chairman

“Your LDC is a statutory body enshrined in legislation (NHS 1977, Health and social care act 2003, recently by NHS England). We are democratically elected and welcome new members to our committee. We are paid, in accordance with the law, by collection of the statutory levy from GDS Providers, GDS and PDS Performers.

Our aim is to negotiate with governing bodies e.g NHS England to provide a united and cohesive voice for our region and protect the interests of our levy payers. We also project our voices and aim to add weight to the national debate within dentistry by combining with other regions.

We are here to provide guidance about upcoming changes within the profession, support local practitioners with advice and spark debate.

Get in touch and help make a difference.”

Meet the Committee