RPE Fit Testing

Once you have made contact with our booking service your details will be passed to one of the certified testers.

Your RPE Fit testing will be arranged at a mutually convenient time and date. We aim to achieve a fit test with your current respirator or one donated by the LDC.

We do not charge for any of our services even re-testing.

Certificates and report will be emailed to you and in most cases the same day. We will supply you with up to five masks. As part of the service we will require you to complete a declaration to ensure FFP3 is only for UDC activity where a FFP3 is not available to you.

The testing will occur in a well-ventilated room without distraction. It is essential you bring a good supply of drinking water with you.

The RPE test will include a sensitivity test with a small talk of covering
1. Respiratory disease
2. Moral and legal obligations
3. Facial hair
4. The process of testing
5. Masks and filters
6. The fit test exercises

Only one individual will test can be undertaken at a time. You may be asked to wait in a socially distanced waiting area or alternative asked to wait in your car.

It is essential that individuals do not eat, smoke or drink (other than plain water) before testing. The timing cannot be defined as this will depend on how many people are being tested.

It is important that male RPE wearer are clean shaven in the seal area, not just for fit testing but before wearing any respirator. It is also critical you are in good respiratory health and free from any colds.

Service Currently Unavailable

We hope to resume this service again very soon. Please check back and keep an eye on our Facebook social media for updates.